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26 March, 2020

7 Places To Donate Or Volunteer To Support Your Community Right Now

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7 Places To Donate Or Volunteer To Support Your Community Right Now

26 March, 2020

With the UK in lockdown and the current situation still being incredibly unclear vulnerable people are the ones who will suffer the most. Without a doubt, every person has been deeply affected and not only the ones who are infected.

Right now, our community needs support more than ever, and many organisations and charities are struggling to enough funding to support the ones who need their help.

We put together a list of places for you to donate your time or money right now.


In these challenging times, older people need more support than ever. Everyone over 60 is now in a high-risk group and should be self-isolating. There are a few easy ways to help: keep in touch, offer help or donate to Age UK. Find more details on ways to help older people during the coronavirus epidemic here.

More info: ageuk.org.uk

Barnardos, Protecting the most vulnerable children in the UK

With schools now closed indefinitely children are especially vulnerable right now. Barnardos supports foster care for children going through an adoption process, helps susceptible families and supports young people.

More info: barnardos.org.uk/get-involved/change-life

Mental Health Foundation

Self-isolation can be an adamant time for anyone's mental health. Mental Health Foundation is working on providing support and advice for people of all ages during these difficult times.

"Random acts of kindness during the Coronavirus outbreak"

"Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak"

More info: mentalhealth.org.uk

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is a brilliant initiative that combats both food waste and feeds the hungry. They collect surplus foods and distribute to charities and schools to provide healthy and nutritious meals to the most vulnerable. There are a few ways to help: donate or volunteer to deliver the meals. Their resources are under a lot of strain at the moment and the organisation urges us to help in any way possible.

More info: thefelixproject.org

Little Village

Little Village is like a food bank that provides necessities for families in need. Right now, they need the following items more than ever:

o Nappies (all sizes)

o Wipes

o Toiletries (adult and children's – including baby wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel etc.)

o Menstrual products (pads, maternity pads)

Donations can be ordered via their Amazon wishlists, which is super easy!

More info: littlevillagehq.org

Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks collects unused hygiene products and distributes to children, teens and adult in need. If you have any unopened and unneeded products such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo, deodorant, it is easy to send it out to them. You can request a courier to pick it up and mail it directly here – droppoint.org/beauty-banks

More info: beautybanks.org.uk


As we all know, the NHS is under extreme pressure right now. You can volunteer and help the NHS is these 4 simples ways:

  • Collect essential supplies and medication and deliver these supplies to someone who is self-isolating.
  • Provide transport for someone who is safely discharged to settle back in their homes.
  • Assist the NHS in transport and deliveries between hospitals and pharmacies transporting supplies, equipment and medication.
  • Provide telephone support to individuals who are vulnerable during isolation.

More info: goodsamapp.org/NHS

We are incredibly grateful to these organisations for continuing their works and efforts through the coronavirus epidemic. Please join us in supporting these fantastic charities.

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