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Calm with Artur

Artur Paulins is an explorer of human potential. Constantly learning and experimenting with different mind-body modalities.

It is Artur’s passion to combine his knowledge of breathwork, functional training, yoga, natural movement, jiu-jitsu and cold therapy with his decade of martial arts training and competition experience; creating a simple, accessible way in which anyone can learn to apply these practices to feel happier, stronger and healthier in their every day lives.

Artur is coaching his clients one to one in functional training and natural movement; teaching workshops internationally on breathwork and cold therapy, as well as organising retreats and Wim Hof Method expeditions - he is one of the first international instructors to be trained by Wim Hof.

Co-founder of the N.ICE Collective.

Favourite Calm Book:

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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