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Calm with Hanna-Jade

Hanna-Jade has committed many years to the study, practice and research of natural healing. She has an education in Naturopathic Medicine and is a qualified therapeutic practitioner in Breath-work, Sound and Energy healing and Yoga. Over the years she has trained with various breathwork schools such as Rebirthing, Transformational Breath and Bio-dynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System. She offers a unique and safe space for deep healing and transformation and believes that every individual, given the right inner conditions can make their world a better place.

Her mission and values are grounded in a devoted self-practice that draws upon the yogic and shamanic wisdom and mastery, inspired by her teachers and travels, and her relationship with wild nature.

Offering a unique space for deep integrative healing with breath, yoga and sound therapy she supports individuals to realise their true potential in life.

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