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Calm with Josie

Josie Danielle is an intuitive energy healer and empath. She works closely with sound through her team of alchemy crystal bowls, instruments, tuning forks and light language channeled through her voice. Known for her compassionate nature and natural affinity with energy, she holds an authentic and nurturing space for shifts to unfold on many levels. She guides others with love to release from emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blockages through energy work and sound.

Through her own personal journey and experiences holding space for others, she has also been guided to work closely with the Divine Feminine through womb work. She holds regular 'Womb Awakening' retreats and ceremonies and also offers one to one womb healing sessions for women, with the intention of bringing loving awareness to the womb space and releasing suppressed emotions, trauma and pain that are preventing joy, pleasure and love.

Josie had an intense awakening to her healing abilities in 2011 which led her on a path of self-discovery and profound transformation as she followed her calling. She launched her practice in 2014 and has devoted her life to be in healing service to divine and therefore humanity ever since. Her offerings include one to one intuitive energy healing sessions, sound healing, retreats, reiki training and womb work. Her healing work has been featured in British Vogue, i-D, Tatler, Elle and Mr Porter. Her intention is to continue spreading awareness of the power of energy healing and sound because she passionately believes these natural and divine tools are a powerful catalyst for growth and awakening and are here to be shared to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Reason To Calm:

The more you meditate and connect to your energy through tools like sound healing, the more you expand your consciousness beyond the everyday levels of thinking which we can become so stuck in, and therefore the more you are able to experience a deeper connection to yourself, others and the Universe. When you connect to your natural calm state within you are able to invite this energy and awareness to flow out into all areas of your life and relationships to create positive and tangible shifts.

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