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Maude Hirst 2318 C

Calm with Maude

Maude is the founder of the company EnergyRise: on a mission to find a unique path into mindfulness for everyone. Her passion is to empower people by lovingly connecting them to their unique expression of who they truly are.

With a background in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation and Theta Healing, she believes that introducing a daily mindfulness practice into your life can bring a life changing calm, clarity and direction to your external world.

Your body is like a book, holding every experience you have ever had within its chapters. She believes meditation in all of its forms allows you to become the detective into your individual story. Tapping into the truth of your internal world can allow you to heal and use your individual life experiences to empower the way you live your life.

Her passion is to create a safe, playful space in order for you to explore your internal world.

A Book I Love:

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

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Maude Hirst 2318 C


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