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Calm with Selda

Holistic yoga, meditation teacher, sound healer and spiritual guide.

Selda is a free spirit mystic who believes her purpose here is to bring light to others. She acts as a supportive guide for people at a threshold wishing to use the practice of sound, yoga, meditation and healing to awaken to their truest potential. Selda offers Sound Meditation Therapy as a way for people to transcend into deep relaxation. Through trust and surrender, this space can create transformative shifts and inner peace. She truly believes that each being holds within them the power to unleash they own magic and is honoured to be sharing the 17 years of her own spiritual path with all at Re:Mind Studio.

A Book I Love:

The Conscious Parent by Dr Shefali Tisbury. It’s an inspiring way to look at ourselves as spiritual beings and how we can evolve by learning from our children. I don’t have children but it’s an incredibly insightful read.

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