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Calm with Steph

Gong Master, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Therapy and Reiki practitioner.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Therapy and Reiki practitioner, Steph provides a 360 degree view on health and well-being in her sessions. She is passionate about improving the health and happiness of herself, her family, friends and you. Steph incorporates her knowledge of kundalini yoga and the use of gongs, tuning forks, medicine drum and Tibetan bowls to lull you into a deep meditative and dreamlike state.

Calm Spot In London: I love the Re:Mind Studio there is such an air of calm about it, you feel peaceful the moment you walk in. Otherwise I love to be outside in a park surrounded by life.

Reason To Find Calm: Meditation for me is a moment to reconnect with myself. In a world where we are all so busy rushing onto the next thing we often don’t take time to look after ourselves like we should. Through meditation I give myself a little time out, a moment of stillness.

Meditation Kit: Crystals! Whatever I get called to picking at the time. I always have something on me.

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263 A7822

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