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In our busy and hectic lives, we can benefit immensely from simply slowing down and enjoying the company of others. Re:Connect is a unique group ceremony where we celebrate each other and cultivate tranquility and gratitude through sharing a nourishing practice together.

Tea Ceremony

A ritual centred around tea, exploring our senses through examining and tasting a special tea; allowing us to be fully present in the moment in our bodies and not worry about the past or future.

Good For:

Trying something new; tea lovers and first timers alike.

You'll Leave Feeling:

Full of gratitude and a renewed appreciation for the little things in life.

Women’s Meditation

Feel supported, lifted and heard in our sacred space for women. Leave the distractions and noise of the day and come inside to connect to your inner selves and one another.

Good For:

Embracing or rediscovering your divine feminine energy.

You'll Leave Feeling:

Vibrant and empowered.

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