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Our class to discover the nature within you and connect to your inner animal.

Reconnect to Nature

In the trappings of modern life, it’s never been more important to engage with our inner animal, tune into nature and reconnect with our wild side, to experience nature in the same way as animals do. Expect a deep meditation rooted in our senses - sight, sound, scent and touch.

Good For:

When rushing around the city has worn you down.

You'll Leave Feeling:

United with nature and the outside world.

Intuitive Movement

In a safe, explorative, playful space you will be guided through a moving meditation journey via the four elements (earth, fire, water and air) in order to gain a deeper understanding of your internal world and learn to gain trust in your body and intuition in order to navigate your life from a more empowered and conscious mindset.

Good For:

When you’re feeling restless or stagnant and need a change of pace.

You'll Leave Feeling:

Revitalised and ready to express your individuality.

Men’s Meditation

Our session that provides a safe space for men to gather and share their experiences, developing genuine support and tools to face the challenges of a modern man. Through this journeying meditation, and with the accompaniment of shamanic drumming, you will be invited to meet the different archetypes that exist within us all, and how to integrate the energies we all hold. As we venture within and get to know our most authentic selves a little more each time, we are better able to show up for ourselves and others; be it loved ones, colleagues or partners.

Good For:

Escaping from any stress triggers and taking some time out.

You'll Leave Feeling:

Renewed sense of clarity and at peace with yourself.

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